Being-Awake is an invitation to reclaim what has never been lost….

- Dhyani Maria Kovar

It is an invitation to go on a journey which which will end only where you already are. 

On that journey you will understand yourself better and better, of how you function, of how the world functions. You will be able to recognize and unfold your potential and you might possibly become more happy, more humorous and whole. That journey can have many impacts on yourself. And be curious for more.

Once you are there, you might realize that there is no YOU but a flow of life, which has always been there and that there is only the process of life.

The deep understanding that there is no separate nature of self outside of that process can result. An ability to respond (responsibility) to what life brings each moment naturally arises out of this deep recognition, and you can make of it whatever you choose.

Being-Awake is an invitation to understand more deeply your own relationship with life and death. And this exploration is definitely worth while!

Tantra Retreat

Making Love Tantra Retreat for couples committed in their partnership and who wish their love to grow.

Somatic Experiencing

Individual sessions in Somatic Experiencing - a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and stress disoders.

Awakening Intensive

Minimum 3-day residential process with the essential questions (koans) like “Who is in?” or “Who am I.

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Dhyani is Mrs. Joda Enlightment Woman without any obvious signs of enlightment -:) She is the very best „no-guru" teraphist i have ever experienced. She is giving me guiding and support and mentoring for more or less 5 years and I admire her complexity & integrity of spirituality, therapeutic approach, financial and business intelligence, tantric shining & life experiences. AHOU.

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