Colours of Ostrava - Melting Pot

15.7. 2020 - 18.7. 2020Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice, Colours of Ostrava
3 x Mini-workshops, each 1,5 hours, with Dhyani Maria

Being-Awake Retreat

14.9. 2020 - 20.9. 2020in Austrian Alps in Boden, Lechtal
The Being-Awake Retreat is a living experience in which all of life is taken as a mirror of self-reflection, - an experience of ‚Who you are‘ in each moment….in movement, in stillness, in day & in night …Thus at one point you can come to the experiential understanding that the separate nature of self is an illusion.

Awakening your senses

16.10. 2020 - 18.10. 2020in Hotel Kopanice, Zitkova, CZ
In ‚Awakening to your Senses‘ your very energy that Osho is referring to, is awakened. How do we do that? By awakening your senses so that all of your senses can become a door, - to yourself, to the divine, to that tremendous energy within yourself.