Individual sessions

A session in Somatic Experiencing is usually one hour long. It is a therapeutic session with a body-oriented approach for the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. It reframes and transforms current or past negative experiences, establishes a greater sense of oneself, confidence, resilience and hope. It reduces discomfort, strain and stress while developing a heightened ability to witness, to be conscious. The result is that you get to know yourself better as you come out of the ‚I must‘ mode into ‚I can‘.
I invite you to share a cup of tea with me, exploring different meditation techniques, of how your own life can be used as a datum to work from and how to integrate meditation into you daily life.

Star Sapphire

A Star Sapphire session is an opportunity to bring more awareness to your present situation. It begins with a brief energy check of the inner male and female energy as well a the seven chakras, followed up by a verbal and energetic sharing. The session mostly involves a dialogue between your male and female aspects, as there may be an identification with only one aspect, while the other remains hidden.The method is especially helpful for people who feel unclear about their present situation or who feel confused about a relationship, or unsure of what direction is next.


The purpose of Counselling is to help you reconnect with your own clarity and sense of direction, to feel what is in the way and help it to move and to shed new light on issues that are presenting themselves in your life.

Somatic Breathwork

Discover how Somatic Breathwork connects you with an expanded inner awareness which induces internal change and healing: it will just bring up what is needed next. By applying Somatic Breathwork, you experience to breath within your window of tolerance, creating more connection, greater clarity & well-being within.

Open Session

An open session may use any appropriate method - counseling, mirroring, emotional awareness, etc. - to help you explore your current life situation. Take this exciting journey and find new solutions in the here-and-now of the process.

Meditation & Spirituality

This is a minimum 3-day residential process which has its roots in the tradition of Zen and in meditation. You will be working with the essential questions (koans) like “Who is in?” or “Who am I?”. The structure of this process is designed to enable you to have a direct experience of self in a relative short time.
I work with my clients also in groups for a weekend or up to 7 days long retreats. A different scope of meditation techniques are being explored, silent or active, including all the senses as doors to perception, so that life, and all of who you are, can be included in the process. It is becoming conscious of that, what we really are in this moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to reach, It is already here, and it is here all the time, constantly.
It is all about remembering the core of the self and to start to live your nature.
The Being-Awake Retreat is a living experience in which all of life is taken as a mirror of self-reflection, - an experience of ‚Who you are‘ in each moment….in movement, in stillness, in day & in night …Thus at one point you can come to the experiential understanding that the separate nature of self is an illusion.

Evolution and Self-development

In ‚Awakening to your Senses‘ your very energy that Osho is referring to, is awakened. How do we do that? By awakening your senses so that all of your senses can become a door, - to yourself, to the divine, to that tremendous energy within yourself.
In this course you will learn three fundamentals in order to self-regulate, - Resourcing, Pendulation & Titration. These three fundamentals are also the fundamentals of trauma work, to recreate coherence in one’s system. You will learn tools to prevent trauma, and to build a better capacity and resilience to handle the challenges that life brings.

Conscious Relating

This retreat is designed for couples who are committed in their partnership and who wish their love to grow. You will get acquainted with new approaches to love, and you will learn how to use sexuality to create a much deeper relationship.

Dhyani is Mrs. Joda Enlightment Woman without any obvious signs of enlightment -:), She is the very best „no-guru" teraphist i have ever experienced. She is giving me guiding and support and mentoring for more or less 5 years and I admire her complexity & integrity of spirituality, therapeutic approach, financial and business intelligence, tantric shining & life experiences. AHOU,

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