Individual sessions / [CZ] Individuální sezení

Individual sessions in Somatic Experiencing

[CZ] Individuální sezení Somatic Experiencing

Individual sessions in Meditation

[CZ] Individuální sezení - Meditační techniky

Open evenings / [CZ] Otevřené večery

Open evenings

[CZ] Otevřené večery

Seminars & Workshops / [CZ] Semináře a workshopy

Awakening Intensive

[CZ] Intenzívní prožitkový pobyt “Probuzení”

Meditation Retreat

[CZ] Meditační retreat

Making Love Retreat - Tantra retreat for couples

[CZ] Milování - Tantrický pobytový seminář pro páry
Dhyani is Mrs. Joda Enlightment Woman without any obvious signs of enlightment -:), She is the very best „no-guru" teraphist i have ever experienced. She is giving me guiding and support and mentoring for more or less 5 years and I admire her complexity & integrity of spirituality, therapeutic approach, financial and business intelligence, tantric shining & life experiences. AHOU,
Zdeněk WeberZdenek Weber - mentor, businesman, founder of, and