I am an invitation to explore the essence

of who you really are.

- Dhyani Maria Kovar

Since 1984 Dhyani Maria Kovar has been deeply involved with spiritual & personal growth work, participating in and being trained in innumerable spiritual and therapeutic approaches, conducting workshops and working individually with people in different countries for over 30 years.

Her enthusiasm, passion, love & commitment is to inspire people to unfold their full potential, to know themselves and the world better, to finally come to ‚Kensho‘, a japanese term from the Zen tradition, meaning‚ seeing your true nature‘.

Kensho is Dhyani’s favorite term because in her understanding & experience, it defines most clearly that  it is not about acquiring something external but that it is to come to an understanding/experience whereby brain itself realizes that there is no separate nature of self.

Dhyani Maria is offering her skills by conducting ongoing workshops, offering individual work in Somatic Experiencing, Self-Reflection and Inquiry.

The reason why people come to her:

  • To deepen their reflective nature
  • For guiding, mentoring & support
  • To heal past wounds
  • To learn more about themselves
  • To become happier, more self-sufficient & whole
  • To overcome post traumatic stress
  • To unfold potential
  • To overcome limitations
  • To get inspired
  • To get more connected with the body
  • To heal emotions
  • To get supported
  • To understand deeper
  • And last not least, to come to ‚Kensho‘, the realisation that no separate nature of self exists.

Curriculum Vitae

Dhyani Maria studied Psychology & numerous humanistic approaches to heal  & to investigate into herself and others.1987 she met her spiritual master Osho, a great Indian Mystic, and she spent the last years of Osho’s life in his presence. After Osho passed away in 1990, she took Osho’s heritage (with many others) and made his teaching available to thousands of people, - in his Meditation- and Therapy Center in Pune, India, and in different countries in Europe. Also as a Schoolsdirector from Osho Ko Hsuan School (England), an International Boarding School for children aged 7 - 16, inspired by the vision of Osho.

In England Dhyani Maria met Zenmaster David Ferguson, with whom she realized ‚Kensho‘ (the realisation that no separate nature of self exists) in April 1999. The effect of Kensho is lived in everyday life and her work where she provides advice and support to people who have suffered traumata and life-threatening experiences. She also guides people who simply want to understand more about how they function and who love to live their life fully.

Her deep insight into the nature of self and existence combined with her profound understanding and experience of working with people, can open a freedom to start understanding one’s own relationship with life and death.

The method of Somatic Experiencing that Dhyani Maria applies along with all her life-experience, deepens the understanding of how the nervous system works and how it can be regulated. This understanding of the working of the nervous system together with the understanding of the nature of self, can open a freedom of choice in one’s life, rather than having to react in a conditioned way.

Dhyani Maria comes regularly to Prague, Czech Republic, and she offers individual sessions, also per Skype, evening-meetings and workshops. She is open to invitations internationally as well as in Czech.