Meditation Retreat

I work with my clients also in groups for a weekend or up to 7 days long retreats 

A different scope of meditation techniques are being explored, silent or active, including all the senses as doors to perception, so that life, and all of who you are, can be included in the process.

The way of meditation

The way of meditation, I would say, is the way of unenlightenment. And it is actually no way.

It is becoming conscious of that, what we really are in this moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to reach, It is already here, and it is here all the time, constantly.
It is all about remembering the core of the self and to start to live your nature.

There is no enlightenment because there is no one to be enlightened.

By confronting yourself with your concepts and beliefs about enlightenment, meditation, spiritual growth or about yourself and life, all that is unreal starts to disappear. It disappears because it has no substance, no reality.

What remains is who you are, your real self. You can call it life, truth, love, consciousness, emptiness...
 You can call it any thing you want. It depends only on you, what you make out of it. Because you yourself are the existence which plays this conscious game.

Sitting in silence

Sitting in silence for an hour means sitting comfortably in an upright position, keeping your eyes closed or open, and watching what you think or feel. For example, focusing on the breath keeps our attention in the present. By deliberately observing the thoughts, the thinking process usually slows down. One learns more and more to keep the attention in the present.

In this way, you get to know yourself a little better and you learn to become masters of your mind.

We teach to sit in silence in 4 steps:

  • First, let the thoughts, feelings or perceptions pass by.
  • Second, retrace the thoughts when they have wandered off.
  • Third, naming the perceptions, such as noise, thought, feeling...
  • The fourth step results from the 3 previous ones and is just the ability to be awake.

The process of self-reflection and the ability to be mindful can be transferred to all areas of life.