Somatic Tantric Breathing

The more you know yourself, the more you grow the potential for deeper meeting and more fulfilling relationships with other people, the more satisfying the partnership and sexuality becomes.

It is important to be in touch with ones own needs, to be able to communicate those and to be receptive to the needs of others.

Somatic Tantric Breathing

Discover how Somatic Tantric Breathing connects you with an expanded inner awareness which induces internal change and healing: it will just bring up what is needed next. By applying Somatic Tantric Breathing, you experience to breath within your window of tolerance, creating more connection within, and in result of that, with others.

You will also learn how to access  this healing energy in yourself in a safe way, so that it does not overwhelm you. By learning to access this energy in you piece by piece,  it will be integrated into your system.

Tantra is a unique spiritual journey that teaches an openness to all that life brings: joy, pain, ecstasy or sadness. Tantra makes no difference between men and women, between sex and enlightenment, but uses the naturalness of opposites. It is a union between the material and the spiritual world. It challenges us to live a natural life, to develop ourselves with open minds and at the same time to deepen the connection with our inner source. Simply, to stand on the ground with both feet and simultaneously unfold both of our wings.