Slow Sex Retreat -
Tantra retreat for couples

This retreat is designed for couples who are committed in their partnership  and who wish their love to grow.

You will get acquainted with new approaches to love, and you will learn how to use sexuality to create a much deeper relationship.

Slow Sex Retreat - Tantra retreat for couples

In this retreat, we focus not on excitement and orgasm, but on the contrary, on relaxing and experiencing ourselves in the present moment. Such sexuality becomes the gateway to love and new opportunities to expand our consciousness open.

One of the main reasons why dissatisfaction spreads in many partnerships after a while is unfulfilled sexuality. This is often the cause of tension and negativity amongst the partners.

If we can get rid of our old ideas and dogmas of how sexuality should be experienced, we will open up a new space in which our physical energy can naturally flow. The new clarity that arises from this conscious exploration of our sexuality transforms destructiveness into healing.

The woman can reconnect with her original female attractiveness, and the man can connect with his natural male strength.

Daily, at certain times, couples meet in their private rooms for meditation, exploring sexuality with each other in entirely new ways.

The program also consists of daily teachings as well as body-and-breath-oriented exercises that awaken our body energy, senses and sensitivity.

These 7 days are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate yourself and your love affair, to learn to truly love and to have ‚love’ time for each other.It is a deep process that can bring about a fundamental change.

Dhyani has been with me for nearly 15-20 years. She laid the foundation for my further work with Tantra, which became my vocation, and Dhyani supported me with words and deeds in finding my very own way in it.

It soon became clear to me that this little, swirling and playful woman was really attracted to me, that I wanted to work with her somehow ... without directly knowing why. But there was something ... an incredible love, lightness, humor and presence in the room that did not let me go.

I often thanked the Universe for being able to snatch non-guru Lady Dhy as a companion and friend so early and naïve in the Spirit, and spared me some enlightened forms that I later encountered.

We have gone a lot together on way, although we could not see each other so often, the connection was always present and clear. It was not a one-way street, mutual inspiration was and is possible.

Whatever I do with all this ... The journey is not over even if some travel section is already done. The adventure is just beginning, every moment new... Juchuuuuuu 😀
Deva Bhusha GlöcknerSexualbegleiterin, Sexworker und Sextherapist Tantra und Bondagefee